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The Golden Thread Gallery was reconstituted in 2001 with the aim to provide an environment where in particular residents of North Belfast, regardless of political or religious persuasion, can experience, engage with, participate in and evaluate a program of contemporary visual art.

The Golden Thread Gallery is committed to maintaining a platform for local and international artists engaged with themes relevant to residents of North Belfast and Northern Irelandsí contemporary urban condition.

The Gallery is a neutral venue for the presentation of contemporary visual art, education and associated activities.

The Agreement was exhibited at Golden Thread 22 February - 23 March 2003.

A colloquium examining the nature of the sculptural work based on the Good Friday or Belfast Agreement and issues arising from this transcription as a work of art, took place in the former Crumlin Road Courthouse on 19 March 2003, organised in collaboration with the University of Ulster.


Belfast is capital city of Northern Ireland and the seat of government at Stormont. Here the Good Friday or Belfast Agreement was signed by all parties present at the multi-party talks on 9 April 1998.

Golden Thread Gallery is an artist led initiative which also provides studios situated on a "Peace Line" -  a physical division between Catholic and Protestant residential areas on the Crumlin Road. According to an inside source, the gallery closed during the Marching Season because its' CTV system was being used for target practice...

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Project - 27/9 - 26/10/02

Orchard Gallery - 8/1 - 15/2/03

Golden Thread Gallery - 22/2 - 23/3/03

Beaconsfield - 10/4 - 8/6/03

Millennium Court Arts Centre 7/5-20/6 2004


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