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Beaconsfield is an independent organisation which provides a resource for the development and presentation of contemporary art.

Set up by artists with the aim of occupying a niche between the institutional, the commercial and the 'alternative', Beaconsfield is one of London's few remaining artist-led initiatives of the early 90s.

Based in Vauxhall, Beaconsfield commissions, and is commissioned and has a history of international collaboration with other organisations and individuals, on and off-site.

The Agreement was commissioned by Beaconsfield and was exhbited in London by the commissioner 10 April - 8 June 2003.


Beaconsfield worked closely with the office of Kevin Macnamara MP and the parliamentary Agreed Irish Forum to organise a symposium in London which took place over two days between the Houses of Parliament in Westminster and the Beaconsfield venue in Vauxhall.

The Politics of Art
Tuesday 6 May at 7pm
House of Commons
Westminster SW1

Chaired by Kevin McNamara MP, veteran campaigner for human rights and former Opposition spokesperson on Northern Ireland, with keynote from Robert C Morgan, Critic, Artist and Curator.

with speakers:
Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton - Arts Council England
Shane Cullen - Artist
Brian Feeney - Historian and Journalist
Liam Kelly - Curator and Professor of Irish Visual Culture
Eamonn McCann - Cultural Commentator and Author
Irit Rogoff - Art Historian and Critic
Gilane Tawadross - Curator and Director of the Institute of International Visual Arts

The Art of Politics
Wednesday 7 May
Vauxhall SE11

Chaired by Anni Marjoram, Women's policy advisor to the London Mayor

Cross-party forum:
John Hume MEP, MP-Nobel Peace Prize winner
David Ervine MLA-leader of the loyalist Progressive Unionist Party
Lady Sylvia Hermon MP-Ulster Unionist Party
Arthur Morgan TD-Sinn Fein

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Project - 27/9 - 26/10/02

Orchard Gallery - 8/1 - 15/2/03

Golden Thread Gallery - 22/2 - 23/3/03

Beaconsfield - 10/4 - 8/6/03

Millennium Court Arts Centre 7/5-20/6 2004


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