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Millennium Court Arts Centre (MCAC) is central to Portadown's town-centre regeneration strategy led by Portadown 2000 and is Craigavon's only dedicated arts facility. Through programming of visual, verbal and multimedia arts accompnaying education, outreach and research and development initiatives, people of Craigavon and beyond are given access to a high-quality arts experience.

Millenium Court Arts Centre houses two purpose built gallery spaces and has been described as one of Northern Ireland's premiere art spaces. The centre includes a verbal arts room with a visual and verbal archive library and a multimedia suite. Within the complex there is also a darkroom, visual arts workshop and artist-in-residence suite, all of which combine to create a vibrant and unique environment in which to cultivate and enhance the cultural environment of the community.

The Agreeementwas exhibited in Portadown 7 May - 19 June 2004.

Throughout the exhibition of The Agreement at MCAC, the viewer was invited to record their comments and responses to the art work on a digital message board, installed in the Gallery, which is linked this website.


Our Cultural Future: Looking at The Agreement was a panel discussion which took place on 11 June 2004 with speakers Nelson McCausland (DUP), Arnold Hatch (UUP), Yvonne Boyle (Alliance, John O'Dowd (Sinn Fein), Dolores Kelly (SDLP), Liam Kelly (Art Historian), Rita Duffy (Artist), Shane Cullen (Artist) and a representative of Arts Council Northern Ireland.

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Project - 27/9 - 26/10/02

Orchard Gallery - 8/1 - 15/2/03

Golden Thread Gallery - 22/2 - 23/3/03

Beaconsfield - 10/4 - 8/6/03

Millennium Court Arts Centre 7/5-20/6 2004


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